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idgscool 8 July 2011 19:41


Originally Posted by 404Found (Post 1676316)

Kata penonton sebelahnya: Nonn, tukar CD ama aqu yaa .. :ngakak2:

cd musik tuh pastinya yaks:ngakak2:

404Found 8 July 2011 19:43


Originally Posted by idgscool (Post 1676355)
cd musik tuh pastinya yaks:ngakak2:

ho ohh .. :ngakak2: :ngakak2:

fat_bastard 8 July 2011 19:44


Originally Posted by idgscool (Post 1676294)
bae bae keselek wkkwkwk:ngakak2:

enak aja ane pake dot dong ................................:ngakak2:

BajakLaut 8 July 2011 23:40

Fans yang beruntung gan...:hore::hore::hore:

idgscool 8 July 2011 23:45


Originally Posted by BajakLaut (Post 1677043)
Fans yang beruntung gan...:hore::hore::hore:

ah biiasa aja itu sih gan:ngakak2:

chika90 9 July 2011 21:08

wah rejeki nomplok neh fans

skyblue 9 July 2011 21:11

disensor.................................. :help::help::help:

chika90 10 July 2011 15:40


Originally Posted by skyblue (Post 1680025)
disensor.................................. :help::help::help:

apanya yang disensor gan :ngakak2::ngakak2:

kafka 10 July 2011 16:58


Originally Posted by fio (Post 1676274)
udah tukeran baju.. bonus cipok lagi =p~=p~

kalo ngiler sekira2 donk gan,,, kompi ane lembab neh :ngakak2::ngakak2::ngakak2:

ameekerwin 10 July 2011 17:32

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