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Old 17 December 2011, 19:43
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Default 10 Drama Korea Terbaik dan Terlaris

Drama Korea Terbaru Terlaris 2012. Anda ingin Download Film Drama Korea Terbaru 2012? Dalam postingan ini Anda bisa melihat daftar lengkap drama korea terbaru dan terlaris 2012. Anda juga bisa menganalisa Film Film Korea Terbaru, drama seri serial korea saat ini memang jadi incaran para kaum hawa di Indonesia Khususnya. Ada banyak film korea yang sangat digemari oleh masyarakat Indonesia. Film Korea adalah film yang dapat menghibur kita dari rasa sedih, senang dan lain sebagainya.

Ini Dia 10 Drama Korea Terlaris dan Terbaik :
Drama Korea Terbaru
10. A Thousand Kisses

9. Can’t Live With Losing

8. The Musical

7. Live in Style

6. High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged


Ahn Nae Sang and Yoon Yoo Sun are middle aged husband and wife. When his business goes bankrupt, this couple moves in to her brother’s house and the conflict starts.


Ahn family

Ahn Nae Sang as Ahn Nae Sang
Yoon Yoo Sun as Yoon Yoo Sun
Lee Jong Suk as Ahn Jong Suk
Krystal Jung as Ahn Soo Jung
Yoon Kye Sang as Yoon Kye Sang
Suh Ji Suk as Yoon Ji Suk

Other people

Park Ha Sun as Park Ha Sun
Go Young Wook (고영욱) as Go Young Wook
Park Ji Sun (박지선) as Park Ji Sun
Yoon Gun (윤건) as Yoon Gun
Kim Ji Won as Kim Ji Won
Julien Kang as Julien
Baek Jin Hee as Baek Jin Hee
Lee Juck (이적) as Lee Juck
Kang Seung Yoon (강승윤) as Kang Seung Yoon

Drama Korea Terbaru 2012
5. Poseidon


This drama is the story of the members life savers of the coast guard. The drama is based on the special duties of the Korean Coast Guard officers (rescues, terrorism threats, and other special missions) and also their obstacle in life and love. The drama takes its name from the Poseidon Team, a special forces unit of the Marines. Using the strong bonds of humanity as a basis, and through the challenges faced by the protagonists and their spirit of self-sacrifice, the drama movingly shows the significance of life and the stories of how people overcome obstacles in life.

Kim Sun Woo, who spent his school days as a troublemaker, decides to make a change in his life and joins the sea special attack team, which is called Poseidon. Sun Woo works as a promising commando, but he unexpectedly becomes entangled in an unsavory incident after 2 years. He is demoted and is sent to a maritime police office in Gunsan city. Sun Woo’s passion cools down and he slowly loses his vision as a maritime policeman. Then one day, Jung Ryul, who has formed a new crime investigation section in Incheon city, visits Sun Woo and asks him to join the team.


Choi Si Won as Kim Sun Woo
Lee Si Young as Lee Soo Yoon
Lee Sung Jae as Kwon Jung Ryul
Han Jung Soo as Oh Min Hyuk
Jung Woon Taek as Lee Choong Shik
Kil Yong Woo as Oh Yong Gap
Jang Dong Jik as Kang Joo Min
U Know Yunho as Kang Eun Cheul
Im Ki Hyuk (임기혁) as Kim Sang Soo
Kim Tae Hyung (김태형) as Woo Hyun Tae
Jin Hee Kyung as Hyun Hye Jung
Kim Yoon Seo (김윤서) as Hong Ji Ah
Lee Dong Shin as Kwon Chang Bum
Choi Jung Woo as Han Sang Goon
Lee Byung Joon as Superintendent Gu
Son Jong Bum as Captain Oh
Park Sung Kwang (박성광) as Kim Dae Sung
Lee Sang Hoon (이상훈) as Lee Won Tak
?? as Choi Hee Gon
Kim Joon Bae (김준배) as Jung Duk Soo
Jang Won Young as Ahn Dong Chool
Park Won Sook as Uhm Hee Sook
Choi Ran as Young Ran
Jun Mi Sun as Park Min Jung
Kim Soo Hyun (김수현) as Kwon Ha Na
Lee Joo Shil as Cha Myung Joo

Drama Korea Terbaru 2012
4. Vampire Prosecutor


A mystery investigative drama about a vampire.

Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon (Yun Jung Hoon) is bitten by somebody and becomes a Vampire. Tae Yeon rejects the life of a vampire and he survives by drinking the blood of dead people and still lives as a righteous prosecutor .

Tae Yeon also uses his new founded abilities as a Vampire to prosecute powerful persons normally thought above the law. A mysterious case then occurs and the evidence points to a Vampire as the perpetrator. Tae Yeon now knows that he is not the only Vampire. He also ponders why he became a Vampire and what truths may lie behind their motives.


Yun Jung Hoon as Min Tae Yeon (Prosecutor)
Lee Young Ah as Yoo Jung In (Prosecutor)
Lee Won Jong as Hwang Soon Bum (Detective)
Jang Hyun Sung as Jang Chul Oh (Chief Prosecutor)

Drama Korea Terbaru 2012
3. The Empress


This drama show a woman who rises to high authority takes revenge on the people who stepped on her life and caused her to step into prostitution.

Seo In Hwa (Jang Shin Young) is a college student studying painting at a prestigious university. She wants to live her life differently from her mother who ran a hostess bar, but she is trampled over by power and money. Because of this, Seo In Hwa becomes a hostess in a drinking establishment. She overcomes hardships to become the best in her field. She then seeks revenge on the men in power who destroyed her life and let her mother die.


Jang Shin Young as Seo In Hwa
Kang Ji Sub as Jung Hyuk
Jun Se Hong as Choi Yoo Mi
Choi Phillip as Hyung Il
Kim Hyung Jong as Tae Soo
Jung Kyung Soon
Myung Kye Nam
Kim Bu Sun
Hyun Suk
Lee Ki Yeol

Drama Korea Terbaru 2012
2. Deep Rooted Tree


Based on Lee Jeong-myeong’s novel “Deep-rooted Tree”. Work that highlights the serial killings during the 7 days before the announcement of the Korean script.

A series of murder occurred during the reign of King Sejong. As Kang Chae Yoon who is investigating these cases gets closer to the root of the truth, he finds himself embroiled in a massive conspiracy behind the serial killings which involves a group of genius who are willing to risked their lives towards their cause/goals and secret powers who will interfere with the course of his investigations.


Jang Hyuk as Kang Chae Yoon
Han Suk Kyu as King Sejong
- Song Joong Ki as young King Sejong
Shin Se Kyung as So Yi
Jo Jin Woong as Moo Hyul
Yoon Je Moon as Baek Jung
Kim Ki Bum as Park Paeng Nyeon
Yoo Hyun Soo as Lee Soon Ji
Shim So Hun (심소헌)
Hyun Woo as Sung Sam Moon
Baek Yoon Shik as King Tae Jong (cameo)

Drama Korea Terbaru 2012
1. Glory Jane @ Man of Honor


Kim Young Kwang (Chun Jung Myung) is a baseball player on a minor league team, former 4th hitter of the major league team, is an innocently confident man who never stops trying his best to re-live past glories. Yoon Jae In (Park Min Young) works as a nurse’s aide is a struggling young, cheery, bright girl who always maintains a positive attitude despite her poor background and dreams of becoming a nurse. She meets Kim Young Kwang at the hospital when he sustains injures, as they struggling to overcome their fates, they find love. Seo In Woo (Lee Jang Woo) is the future heir of a sports clothing company and also the clean-up hitter for the a professional baseball team that his father owns. A love triangle ensues between these three characters.


Chun Jung Myung as Kim Young Kwang
Park Min Young as Yoon Jae In
Lee Jang Woo as Seo In Woo
Kim Yun Joo as Kim Kyung Joo
Lee Jin as Cha Hong Joo
Choi Myung Gil as Park Goon Ja
Son Chang Min as Seo Jae Myung
Park Sung Woong as Seo In Chul
Lee Moon Shik as Heo Young Do
Kim Sung Oh as Joo Dae Sung
Nam Bo Ra as Kim Jin-Joo

Nah itu dia 10 Drama Terbaru dan Terlaris 2012. Semoga bermanfaat.
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kurang demen sama yang namanya drama korea gan..
mampir gan di mari blog ane yang pingin ketawa
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