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pecok 20 October 2011 13:24

[Wawancara] Chantal Della Concetta VS Vicky Vette

Vicky Vette: Girls Should Be Treated With Respect! - She is a **** star. But she is not just a pretty face and a killer body. She is something else, you might not know, until now..

Chatty Chant: VICKY VETTE


Chantal (Ch):
Is this your dream, being a **** star and why?

Vicky Vette (VV): "Dream? No. Before **** I did all kinds of things; Accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory control, accounting supervisor, office manager, controller, general manager, and more. In several different industries as well; Shipping, snack Foods, computer retail, computer wholesale, construction, etc. I ran many different offices with several employees for a long time. I did have a dream of being a model one day and shot pictures from time to time with photographers but with me at the time being in my late 30's I really did not think that it was a profession or something I would do permanently.
**** happened quite by luck. I set some pictures to Hustler Magazine as an amateur for their monthly "Beaver Hunt" contest. The readers voted and I won a trip to LA, some cash and a professional photo shoot! Twice! After that offers started coming in and I took a shot at it. The rest as they say… is history. That was nearly 10 years ago now. Amazing how time flies. So no.. it was not a dream and I do NOT encourage people to view it as a dream. From the outside it is a fantasy world - sex, nudity & fame. In reality it is a profession.

Most of the people who get into the business are out of it in a matter of months when they realize how hard it is to 'make it'. It is hard work… and to a degree to 'make it' takes a lot of luck and timing… especially now. I got in when companies were still really creating the fantasy world of being a '****star'. Those times have really changed. There are very few big budget movies, and companies don't spend nearly as much money on 'creating' stars through publicity. Having said all that… I am blessed. One of the lucky ones who stuck and I am grateful for that."

Ch: When do you feel sexy the most?

VV: "That's a tough question. Feeling sexy is a mood.. which comes on with the people and things around you. Some people might think feeling 'sexy' is a full time thing as a ****star. It isn't. A lot of my time is spent on the computer, answering fan mail, interacting inside my members area, editing photos, redesigning sites, updating websites with video, managing my time and other's time, traveling & generally doing 'business'. I for sure feel 'sexy' when I am shooting a scene or appearing for fans or having sex off camera. It is a definite turn on to know people find you attractive. The fans being turned on turns me on."

Ch: Do you feel like an object? And do you ever feel uncomfortable with that?

VV: "If you feel like an 'object' you should not be in the business of turning people on. it's what you are paid to do! Be it a ****star, model or actress. On some level actresses, models & stars are all here to either look good or arouse people - to turn them on. Some people might say, don't you get tired of people thinking that you are just a sex symbol? Why? On some level anyone who is a model, actress or star gets into it because they want be idolized. Why complain if in fact, people get turned on or view you as a sex object?

If people can't see anything more than just a good looking face or body, then that is their issue. You can't last a long time in the business if you are just a sex object. People would get tired of you or someone else good looking will come along and replace you… especially at my age. It always puts a smile on my face when people write or tell me they didn't know I was not just someone with a nice pair of 'you know what'. I run my own business & am still around when a lot of others have come and gone. There are a lot better looking folks in my business so I guess I have a few other things going on than just looks."

Ch: Jakarta's governor said that women shouldn't wear miniskirt if they don't want to be raped. What do you have to say about this?

VV: "If Jakarta's governor said women shouldn't wear miniskirts if they don't want to be raped he should be ashamed of himself.
That is basically saying girls have only themselves to blame if a criminal molests them without consent. They deserved it? Miniskirts have been in our society since the 1960's and rape is still rape & still illegal. They said the same thing in the 1920's about women wearing bathing suits that did not go down to their ankles. There is always going to be someone who thinks that women should not be proud of their bodies and should cover up.

Some societies think that women should be completely covered up. Heaven forbid a man lose control and find them attractive.. If a man rapes a woman.. it is rape. Don't blame a good looking girl in a miniskirt. Rape is Rape. The last time I checked there is no defense 'the miniskirt made me do it'. If a woman feels comfortable with her body & wants to show off her legs I really think she should be allowed to."

Ch: Is it fair to blame **** for someone's criminal action? Why?

VV: "**** has been in our world since the beginning of time. If you go back to the murals of Pompeii they depict sex acts on the walls. **** is going to be watched no matter what you do. In your country, Blackberry was forced to block ****. Did it stop people? Of course not. People find a way. If anything, blocking something makes people want to find it more. Anyone who thinks **** = criminal action is forgetting one thing - the huge majority of people who watch **** are not criminals. Everyone from doctors to lawyers, truck drivers & yes government officials watch ****.

Are they more likely to commit a crime because they watched some ****? I really don't think so. Someone who is going to rape, steal, & kill is probably going to rape, steal & kill.. no matter what - even if you stop them from watching a skin flick. Blaming **** for every evil in the world is convenient and lazy, and just an excuse to shut it down. If you took away a criminal's **** he or she would have more time to commit crime right? Maybe it is better they watch **** than be on the streets."

pecok 20 October 2011 13:24


Ch: Anyway, rape is an act of violence against women, it really has nothing to do with sex.

VV: "Think about this: (These are American stats, from Psychology Today) Until the 1990's, a person had to go to an adult store, or mail order to get their ****. It wasn't so easy. By the late 1990's **** was readily available on the Internet, and each year since then, more so. Now even impressionable minors are able to view X-rated material on the Internet. There has been a **** explosion of sorts, with free tube sites and files sharing sites rampant, that these kids are experts at navigating.

If people with violent rape tendencies really are triggered by watching ****, then logically there should have been a substantial increase in the amount of rapes somewhat consistent with the increase of free **** available? Or at least an increase at all?

Well guess what? Sexual irresponsibility has decreased. The Center for Disease Control measures rates of abortion and STD's and since 1990 our nation's abortion rate has fallen 41%. The syphilis rate has plummeted 74%. And the gonorrhea rate has plunged 57%. Teen sex has declined, teen pregnancy has declined, divorce rates have declined, and here's the biggie - RAPE HAS DECLINED.

Why would all these social ills decline as **** becomes more prevalent? I'll tell you why! Because the only thing **** leads to or directly causes is MASTURBATION! Internet **** keeps men at home one-handing it. As a result, they're not out in the world acting irresponsibly-or criminally. Actually I think mental health professionals should encourage watching **** for the relief of stress and tension it provides."

Ch: How would you react if a stranger touches you inappropriately?

VV: "Honestly? Even though people think that I am probably a loose immoral person.. if a guy touches a girl inappropriately he should ashamed of himself. Guys have no right to touch girls without their consent or in a way they find offensive.

Does it happen to me? Of course, all the time. Because of what I do for a living, people think they can liberties whenever they please. I always let them know in no uncertain terms how I feel. The idiots who do touch inappropriately are by and large just that.. idiots who don't know better. All girls.. regardless of profession.. should be treated with respect.

Ask before you touch.. just like in a China shop."

Ch: What do you think about 'because you are a **** star, you are a slut'?

VV: "Well it goes with the territory. I can't stop people who are bent on thinking that way from saying it. I joke about it by and large. Some people think I am a slut… others a goddess. The perception in society is sometimes if you take your clothes off for a living… or wear a short miniskirt.. that you must be a 'slut'.

There are a LOT of girls who take their clothes off who are a LOT smarter than you think. If someone just thinks I am a 'slut' they are not true fans because they don't know much about me so I typically brush them off. There are a lot of 'keyboard warriors' in our new internet age. Anonymity means guys think they can type anything to someone and call them names like 'slut'. I don't think they would do it in person. Hiding behind a keyboard it is easy to do. They guys who do it sometimes are just saying 'you slut' to get a reaction and don't really mean it in an offense way. I try to be tolerant of what everyone types on the internet - especially because of what I do. It's my responsibility to break through the initial perception that a new fan or follower of mine has and show a different side to my personality."

Ch: What we saw is the sexy part of you.. But how do you actually think about yourself? What is the most important thing for you?

VV: "Hmmm good question. I think the most important thing is hardworking & smart about business. The world of adult is not easy. People have a perception sometimes that girls make millions of dollars and are rich. That is generally not true. To survive you have to keep your fans interested and keep them around, all while building more. Otherwise you are the 'flavor of the week'.

I would like to be seen as smart and hardworking and breaking the mold in the business. Like the rest of the business world, **** is for the most part a man's world. I run my own business - something that was not easy to do. I am sure a lot of executives in the companies I used to shoot for would have liked my online business to fail so that I would have to go back to work for them. It didn’t' and I am very proud of that.

On a personal note, I am very loyal and loving to the people I care about. I am a good wife, a good daughter, a good sister and a very good friend to have."

Ch: Women have to be independent because?

VV: "You can't let men run your life? Ha Ha! If you are not independent you give up your right to choose. A woman who relies on a man to pay the rent, usually does not end up doing what she wants to do in life.

Independence gives you the right… and the joy… and the freedom, of doing what you want, when you want. He who pays the piper - calls the tunes, right? Why would you not want that? Of course you want men in your life… just on your terms." (wo/bee)

maaf nih ga sempet nerjemahin, cuma sekedar share..
moga moga berkenan

ri4nx 20 October 2011 13:43

Vicky Vette inikan bintang pormo kan :beer:

bayu ninja 20 October 2011 14:15

Artis esek esek ya gan :D:D:D:D

dejav 20 October 2011 14:25


Originally Posted by bayu ninja (Post 2056663)
Artis esek esek ya gan :D:D:D:D

cintailah produk indonesia

Wanita Sejati Indonesia

cewemanja 20 October 2011 17:20

wah2 si bintang ****o nih :berbusa::berbusa::berbusa:

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